Abe must write because, by doing so, he is able to play god and all the morons receive just retribution.
And because everybody lives up to his (high) expectations and if they do not, they dieeeeeeee.
Conclusively, this will make for a better world.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Own Advice

This morning I dreamt that someone who I care very deeply about passed away. In the last couple years I've had dreams where my emotions in the dream are affected by my conscious; knowing how reality might affect the dream, or the dream affect reality. To contextualise this, my last conversation with the person who passed was a few months ago and didn't end well.

It was a tricky one because I didn't feel and still do not feel that it's my fault but that's neither here nor there. I actually don't care about that anymore but it was an important point to bring up for what's to follow.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Twelve-Inch Allure

We've been duped, guys. Brainwashed. We've accepted a disservice as a norm. Most of you don't even realise the disservice you're receiving but I have personally never taken a stand for it. I, however, am only an island of a man and it takes more than one man to break a norm. So I invite you all to take a stand with me against Subway.

Yes, Subway.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How I Got a Charizard

I haven't really had much to write on here of recent. I wouldn't call it writer's block, as I write daily, but just nothing blog-worthy and been too busy with the other writing. I contemplated sharing one of the many blog-like rambles I have saved on my mac from the days when I never had a mac but my self-imposed rule on those is to not edit anything out and the majority of them are too personal/revealing. I don't like writing/sharing about myself.

 However, this morning, I found myself writing a little piece from memory that I had no intended to post on the blog but here we find ourselves, an anecdote from my primary school days and how I obtained a shiny Charizard pokémon card... 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kanye-sized Egos in the Social Media Age

I've never really had a problem with Kanye's ego. In my opinion, he has more than justified his high opinion of himself through his music. 

I know some will consider that debatable and that's fine, I think you're wrong, though. Saying that, I have liked how, over the last week, so many people who I know dislike/hate the great man have appreciated his interview with Zane Lowe (please do make the time to watch it if you haven't already. Love or hate him, it's a very insightful interview once you get past the perceived madness, most prevalent in the first part). 

I would like to see more of that: people being objective and showing appreciation for greatness, regardless of their opinion of a person. There's nothing wrong with praising someone's work or, in this case, words, even if you dislike them as a person. It's not hypocritical. It's accepting that, like all human beings, we are multi-faceted and, as such, are more likely to contradict ourselves than we are to be consistent in our views. For example, I think Kim Kardashian is sexy as hell, but hate everything that she stands for as a human being.

I read the following tweet earlier this week: 

It got me thinking. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

An Open Letter: Dear Generation Y...

Dear Generation Y,

I am writing this letter to you because I've had enough of all your bitching and whining over issues that it's about time you took some of the responsibility for. The chances you don't get, the opportunities not given to you and all the difficulties and problems that you feel you are so burdened with to the point where things must be so much more difficult for you than it was for anyone else that came before you under this not-so-new sun.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Thoughts of a Frustrated Football Fan

This has been the most frustrating summer for me, in terms of football. I don't know what I want more, for football to be back, or the transfer window to be closed.


A word constantly on my mind.
Let's take a look into my mind.